I was wondering whether it could be possible to provide more information on the achievement of some badges in particular. For example the following:

  1. Tumbleweed - Asked a question with no votes, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week (what constitutes low views?)
  2. Precognitive - Actively participated in the private beta (What exactly is a private beta? What constitutes active participation in it?)
  3. Rollback - First rollback (What is a rollback and how is it done? Does it mean reverting a post to its previous edit?)

The description of these badges lack a sufficient explanation on how they can be achieved.


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  1. Low views = 60 or below. No votes = no up/downvotes, which is not necessarily a score of zero: if one person upvotes and one downvotes, your question says "0," but there have been two votes, so your question doesn't qualify. No answers and no comments are both self-explanatory.
  2. You mention the Precognitive Badge, but you give the description for the Beta badge, so I'll give you the details for each. Neither are awarded for Stack Overflow, however: both are only for Stack Exchange 2.0 sites proposed on Area 51.
  • Precognitive: You followed the proposal for the site before it entered the commitment phase.
  • Beta: You participated in the private beta for the site (the period in which only people who committed to the proposal can access the site).
  1. A rollback can be performed on any post by users with full edit privileges, a privilege that is awarded at 2000 reputation. However, it can be performed by all users on any of their own posts. The button is located in the revision history (https://stackoverflow.com/posts/postID/revisions):

Rollback in the revision history

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