There are two tags and .

The wiki entry for kconfig says that it is for a KDE configuration. However, only a few question seems to deal with KDE. The others are all to do with the Linux configuration system, which the tag kbuild is about.

My instinct is that the majority of people will use kconfig for Linux configuration or menuconfig type issues, which are present in different projects, but commonly associated with Linux kernel builds and configuration.

There are three questions of twelve in kconfig which should not be with kbuild questions (There were 13 as I just moved one).

I can manually retag, but I think the kconfig tag with just fill with more kbuild type questions. I understand that KDE Configuration is a separate and valid topic, but 3 questions in 8 years seems a little under used and I think they could just be folded into the main kde tag or via a new kde-kconfig tag.

Should kbuild and kconfig be made synonyms or just manually retagged the kbuild related questions and leave the three KDE related questions?

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I have moved all of the current questions that are directly related to the Linux's Kconfig and variants (such as build root). I also updated the kconfig tag wiki so people will hopefully post to the correct tags.

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