I read How does Meta Stack Overflow work?, but it doesn't state what it means when someone accepts an answer.

So, what is the procedure for an "answered" question that has to do with a ?


Similar to voting, accepting an answer (or otherwise) is a prerogative of the OP (both on Main and Meta sites). On Meta specifically, there are no guideline or standard behavior. A few reasons due to which OP may accept an answer are:

  • A reported bug was fixed or mod/SE team reply back that it is [status-bydesign]
  • A feature report has been implemented or has been marked [status-declined]
  • A support post was answered which helped OP
  • A discussion post was answered such that OP got convinced or there seems to be a community consensus around it

what does it mean when someone accepts an answer.

Actually nothing much


It is the same as on the main site, so see What does it mean when an answer is "accepted"?.

Accepting an answer is not meant to be a definitive and final statement indicating that the question has now been answered perfectly. It simply means that the author received an answer that worked for him or her personally, but not every user comes back to accept an answer, and of those who do, they may not change the accepted answer if a newer, better answer comes along later.


Original plans for Meta proposed ditching the concept.

Kyle Cronin had some ideas about changes to the SO engine to help it adapt from the Q&A; format discussion:

...remove accepting an answer...

~ From an old SO blog post.

To answer your question: it means little more than all the meta bounties you might wish for.

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