While Intel x86 might be the primary focus of questions on hardware multithreading, it seems inappropriate to use a company-specific name (or rather a corruption of that name, which is actually "Hyper-Threading Technology"—note the hyphen) for what is a more general hardware technique. (Even an AMD x86 could not implement Hyper-Threading; their cross-licensing agreement with Intel applies to patents not to trademarks.)

In addition to the Intel-only nature of the name, as a brand name its meaning is less firmly fixed. Intel has used Hyper-Threading to describe the switch-on-event multithreading in Itanium implementations (introduced in the Itanium 2 9000 series). Since fewer people are familiar with Itanium this confusion is less obvious, but the confusion is unnecessary.

would have the additional advantage of applying to all forms of hardware multithreading (fine-grained MT, SMT, SoEMT), providing an appropriate tag for the other forms without multiplying tags. (This could be a minor disadvantage if the question is more exclusive to SMT. It would be more of a disadvantage if the question was asking specifically about Intel's use of the term, like "From a software optimization perspective, what is the difference between Xeon E7v2's and Itanium 2 9500's implementation of Hyper-Threading Technology?")

The tag wiki for hyperthreading even specifies 2-way multithreading (POWER7 cores support 4-way multithreading; SPARC M6, 8-way multithreading, Xeon Phi, 4-way multithreading, e.g.) and virtual processors (the MIPS Multithreading Application Specific Extension makes a distinction between a Virtual Processing Element and a Thread Context; a VPE can have multiple TCs).

I realize that the computer architecture perspective is different from the programming perspective, but the proposed change seems reasonable.

The main objection I can see would be when programmers are specifically referring to Intel's implementation. In that case the less specific nature of would be a disadvantage. This is somewhat similar to the confusion between a general concept like a hash table and a particular language/library's implementation using that name (see "Should [tag:hashtable] and [tag:hashmap] be synonyms?").

  • I tagged this as a synonym-request (even though the hardware-multithreading tag does not exist) because the question seems to deal with this type of issue. Improvement of the tagging is encouraged. Aug 19, 2014 at 14:55


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