The tag seems ambiguous. There are only 30 questions tagged with it, most are about , but in a few it's about something different.

I'd suggest to clean up the few questions and make it a synonym of , I lack the reputation for it.


I went through all questions tagged with , all but three were about so I retagged them accordingly. The remaining three were all about Sitecore E-Commerce Services, so I created a new tag for it (sitecore-ecommerce-services was too long) and retagged them as well.

Now that the tag is not used anymore IM it would be best to delete it, since it doesn't really serve a purpose.


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Update after 4 years.

had come up again, and had 112 questions. The tag wiki was:

Use emacs-ses or amazon-ses tags.

which itself mentions the ambiguous nature of the tag. There were exactly 6 questions which did not have any of the Amazon SES related tags/words. Amongst them:

  • 1 was related to SES using , which is related to Amazon, so I left it as is.
  • 1 was related to nodeJS SES, I removed the tag from the question.
  • 2 were related to SES using PHP, 1 of which was using Amazon, so I left it. The other was a bit ambiguous, so I removed the tag.
  • 1 was using Magento Integration, again related to Amazon, so I left it.
  • 1 was tagged R, and was something completely different, so I removed the tag.

Now, there are 109 questions that were totally related to . I would usually leave similar situation tags alone, as users are using the tag correctly to identify one topic, and is therefore not ambiguous. However, in this case, there already is a well defined, sponsored and curated tag, . Therefore, given the issue of double tags, I added as a synonym for .

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