I failed a review at How to determine if a generic is an optional in Swift?.

I think I failed because I clicked Edit. I thought the question was pretty good, so I wanted to touch it up before clicking I'm Done. I wanted to touch it up because the first sentence was a bit awkward, and there were a few opportunities to provide formatting.

I'm pretty sure that the policy on Stack Overflow is to fix or salvage posts that are useful but could use improvement. If the question was in the queue because of bad grammar (or perhaps English As a Second Language), then that's something that should be fixed. So choosing to edit seems like a valid initial step.

I think the underlying issue here is the judgement is based on the first action of the person being audited (like Edit or Comment), and not the final action of the person being audited (like Close, I'm Done or Skip).

Is it possible to allow one to edit a question without being judged; and then base the audit results on the final action or disposition (like I'm Done or Close)? If its not possible, why does the site choose not to wait for final disposition to judge someone? (The last question seems to be harder to find an answer to).

There's a few variations on this in history, like Close vote review audit flawed - fails without casting vote and Review audit failed after just clicking “add comment”. This scenario is similar to Audit failure with reasonable actions, but the underlying question was not deleted.

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    The audit you link to says "Review audit passed"... – hichris123 Aug 18 '14 at 1:34
  • @hichris123 - that is weird. I definitely got the big STOP! message. – jww Aug 18 '14 at 8:50

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