When a registered user click on a question, below

Your answer box

should be created a button 'still working on this answer'.

The button

Then the name of the user who already clicked it will show under 'Still working' section:

still working

Then those who already clicked that button can answer later.

This is highly useful to prevent (2/more) identical answer to a single question. Also the ask-er can see if his question is going to be answered or not.

Also the ask-er will be notified if someone is working to answer it, the answer-er's profile will also what question he's/she's still working on

It will also prevent someone who is working hard to answer an unanswered question only to find up that it's already being answered.


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This is a solution in search of a problem. I have a better idea:

     If you're "still working" on an answer, don't click the "Post Your Answer" button!

When you get finished working on the answer, go ahead and submit it. If you do think of something later to add, or a discussion in the comments prompts you to edit in additional information, then no problem. That's why we support edits. But there's no reason to support "in progress" answers.

If you really need a "work in progress" answer, then you should be clicking the "community wiki" checkbox instead. This is exactly what a wiki is for—content that is perpetually "in progress" and intended to be maintained by the entire community.

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