I am following up on an earlier the post suggesting to use search & RSS feeds for staying up-to-date.

The problem is, if I follow the suggested steps, I do not get an RSS link.

  • Use advanced search (in StackOverflow): [javascript] -[css] -[html] "JSFiddle".

  • Scroll to bottom of search results

  • At the bottom of every search result page is a link to an RSS feed...

  • No, there isn't ( for me ) !

I have tested this with two browsers ( IE 11.0 ; FireFox 30.0 ), but all I get is the search result page as shown below. Am I just too blind to find it, or what is wrong?

Search result on StackOverflow

... (cut out the results) ...

Search result on StackOverflow


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This is not a bug; the feature doesn't exist. The answer you link to is wrong.

When you use a search with just tags you are redirected to a tag page, which has a RSS feed. If you add arbitrary text to search for, you are given the search results page and it doesn't have a RSS feed. Remove the "JSFiddle" part to see the difference.

See the feature request to add feeds to search results on Meta.SE; it was declined for performance reasons.


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