I went to the Stack Exchange reputation leagues and stumbled on the "change" column. I don't understand how it is calculated. Maybe this is off topic. But I don't really see otherwise where to ask this question.

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  • Is it the number of changes that the user has made compared this year with previous year?
  • So user 4 did not do any changes last year compare to this year? Or did he not do any changes this year?
  • And user 2 did 23383 changes more compare to last year?
  • Or is the change column calculated in another way?

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The Change is actually the shift in rank, or movement of the player up or down the leaderboard from last time. For eg, if my rank was 7000 last week, and it's 2000 this week, my change or movement would be +5000.

Now, Since my change would be +5000, I would be seen as on a hot streak.
People would come to like me, start accepting my answers even more, even upvote my comments. Soon, i'll be made a moderator, and it would boost my change even more... Even more... Ever more! It will be an endless cycle of incoming reputation and it would feed this monstrosity of recognition which is me, and I will conquer the leaderboard, and be stronger than Jon Skeet... Buwahahaha... Err... Actually disregard this para except the first line ;)
It's what will happen if people really gave too much importance to reputation without any backing substance to it.

Overall, change would be disproportionately higher for people in lower ranks. Don't read too much into it.

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