Until you reach full editing privileges, clicking edit takes you to another page. When you reach these privileges, you can edit inline, which is much more comfortable.

Why this ability only given when you reach full editing privileges?

If someone under 2k rep wants to know what the inline editor looks like:

Inline editor


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According to this answer, the idea behind this seems to be to show low-reputation users the "How to edit" guidance, which is present in the sidebar of the full page editor but not in the inline editor.

Prior to achieving the required reputation, you get an extensive Editing Help system in the right sidebar, which is hidden once inline editing is enabled. You can see it if you Ctrl-Click the Edit link (which will open the full-page editor instead).

The theory is that, once people get comfortable with the editor, you can jettison the help system and give them the (arguably more streamlined) inline editor.

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