Background: I recently asked a question about starting two "actions" and both of them are supposed to run in a loop. I was wondering how to avoid using a process and gave an example of code.

When choosing the tags, python was obvious but then I started to wonder if adding tkinter and bottle is a good idea:

  • on the one hand they describe my exact problem, so people who use either or both of these modules may have thought about it before, and users_of(bottle) < users_of(python) (same for tkinter)
  • on the other hand there will be people who will see python (good, I know that), then bottle (ah, no idea, skipping). They may have had the answer to the general question, though (how to start two actions ...)

Should tags be seen as connected with an AND or and OR?

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    I know that when I filter for tags, I see the result of an OR operation. At that point I personally look at the title to decide whether I think I can answer. I don't know about everyone else. – Austin Mullins Aug 6 '14 at 17:36

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