I posted this question and later (after it has been answered) someone else voted to close it as duplicate of this. He's right, it's a duplicate so I voted myself to close it (supposing a vote on my own question should close it immediately). With my surprise my own vote (on my own question) still counts "1".

Then there is something I don't understand: if I can vote to close my own question why my votes doesn't close it immediately?

(reminder: questions with an answer cannot be deleted by owner, I don't think it's dup of this or this) because actually there isn't an answer there (answer to question "Why?").


There is no special provision for the owner of the post, no. Your vote carries the same weight as any other close vote.

Closing a post removes the ability for (more) people to answer, letting the owner of the question insta-close can be open to abuse. Letting the owner vote like everyone else is then the next best option.

  • I didn't think about possible abuses of "insta-close" but yes...with many thousands users there may also be a new Macchiavelli... Aug 1 '14 at 11:13

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