I am a bit perplexed and disturbed by the results of a couple suggested edits I reviewed for a question on SO - specifically what are now revisions 6 and 7.

Revision 6: Adding [mysql]

When I saw the addition of [mysql] to the question's tags as a suggested edit, I rejected it. The question clearly has nothing to do with MySQL. Done - or so I thought. (EDIT: Revisiting the suggested edit's details reminded me that a single peer review does not determine the outcome of the suggested edit. Okay, moving on....)

Revision 7: Removing [mysql] - Approval & Rollback Confusion

When I then saw the removal of [mysql] from the question's tags as a suggested edit a minute later, I paused to look at the question's edit history before rejecting it - mostly:

  1. marveling at how the addition of [mysql] to the question's tags was ostensibly approved
  2. wanting to double check what exactly was going on

As I suspected, the same user who suggested the addition of [mysql] also suggested the removal of [mysql] next-to-immediately; but what amazed me more was to see that the removal of [mysql] had been approved by the time I browsed to the question's edit history. (Another 2 points for the user in question of course.) The addition of [mysql] was invalid to start. Isn't this what rollbacks (to revision 5 in this case) are for?

Never assume malice where incompetence will do (or whatever Heinlein said via Lazarus Long to that effect), but this felt like a possible case of gaming edits for points.

Further Rollback Confusion

This bothered me enough that I quickly tried to roll the question back to revision 5 - i.e. before [mysql] was added...and then removed. No dice. I clicked the confirmation message box to indicate I was sure that I wanted to roll back; but the rollback didn't take. I experimented with rolling back to revision 6 instead and found that the rollback stuck...but that I still could not roll back to revision 5 subsequently.

Uggghhh.... I am probably missing something regarding rollbacks - since I have rolled back just once before; but this was disheartening.


Can anyone shed authoritative light on whether I am perceiving all this accurately, what I may be missing with respect to any of what I have explained?

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    Could be an innocent mistake from the user who suggested the MySQL tag, and then he just tried to undo it?
    – CoderDojo
    Aug 1, 2014 at 8:26
  • @CoderDojo: Right - Heinlein's point. :) I was just amazed at how it played out.
    – J0e3gan
    Aug 1, 2014 at 8:33


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