Is it possible to see All Time reputation rank shown in percent? If you i.e. have top 10% this month shown on your user page - you can get the All Time rank in number i.e. #12345 - can this be shown as i.e. top 15% all time?


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when you click on "top 10% this month", you get thrown into something like http://stackexchange.com/leagues/1/month/stackoverflow/2015-10-01/...; in the address bar, double click on "month" (it gets selected), type over "alltime", and press Enter.

you will see your alltime rank. then look at the side table and note "total reputation" entry for "200+".

divide the first number by the second, and multiply by 100, to get your "top X% overall" percentile, as would be shown by SO.


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