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I understand that a consensus should be built to close a question (and there could be related problems). The Close super power kind of throws a wrench into the works (or at least the reasoning).

My question is, why is a weighted system not used with a curve that goes from { 5 each lesser rep'd users } to { 1 each super user }? For example, why are 3 each users with 35K rep not allowed to close a question? Or perhaps 2 each users with 75K rep? Or perhaps 2 each 30K and 1 each 60K user?

It seems to me reviewers are a scarce resource (there's always seems to be a backlog that appears to exceed the number of reviewers). By allowing "fewer eyes" on some questions increases coverage on all questions (assuming the reviewer would continue reviewing). The increased coverage should help ensure more eyes are placed on the queue as a whole.

EDIT: for those looking for the answer, see Robert Harvey's comment. I believe Harvey answered it (but I could be wrong).

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  • Good find Qantas. My ability to search really sucks.... – jww Jul 25 '14 at 6:06

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