I have several questions on the Salesforce beta StackExchange (you can see my profile here). As nice as it is to have a StackExchange dedicated to Salesforce, the traffic is much less than what I would get for tagging questions under the Salesforce tag in StackOverflow.


  • Why should I continue using the Salesforce StackExchange? It's nice to contribute to a beta StackExchange, but when it comes down to it I want questions answered quickly, and with more than one answer, which is what I'm typically getting on the site.

  • Can I start asking my questions on StackOverflow under the Salesforce tag? Or will they be moved to the Salesforce Exchange?

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    There is an overlap. Any programming problem question about Salesforce is on-topic on Stack Overflow, and will remain so. But I'm sure there are other aspects around the product that are not directly programming related, and those would be migrated to Salesforce.SE. – Martijn Pieters Jul 23 '14 at 14:44

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