In a recent comment discussion, I noticed that there is no way to write a magic link for [meta.stackoverflow.com]. While other sites (say, [meta.workplace.se] ), allow you to specify the hotlink at any location (since you can always write them out 'long' style), it's not a big deal that [meta] doesn't work.

However, for trilogy sites (and really any site with a direct .com address), you can't do that. Thus, it would be helpful to allow [meta] to automatically convert to Meta Stack Overflow, even on said site (not just on the main site).


I don't really see this as being worth the time to implement, even though I too would like it if the short/magic link [meta] expanded to Meta Stack Overflow, just like it does on the main site.

The thing is, is this really that useful? Using the short links [so] and [main] on Meta is convenient because it saves you the trouble of having to type out

[Stack Overflow](https://stackoverflow.com)

However, if you're already on Meta, what benefit do you gain from being able to use [meta] over simply typing out "Meta"? People don't need a link to Meta Stack Overflow here, they're already on it! Usually, when people talk about "Meta" here, they're usually referring to Meta Stack Overflow (MSO), and not Meta Stack Exchange (MSE), so it's usually not something that's ambiguous.

  • I'm curious how much time you think this would take to implement? I imagine they have a SQL table with two columns, "magicLinkText" and "magicLinkURL"... – Joe Jul 23 '14 at 5:06
  • @Joe I figured that if it really was that easy, then they would have already implemented it by now...but I could be wrong. – user456814 Jul 23 '14 at 5:07
  • I assume that it, like many other FRQs, just didn't come to mind :) – Joe Jul 23 '14 at 5:08

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