I'm facing this issue since last 12-15 days.

When in click on "review" tab on main navigation bar, then page comes up with come pending review post count as show below.

Review Count

But, if I click on "First Posts" link to start reviewing it, It often shows me "There are no items for you to review.".

enter image description here

I understand that there are many reviewers currently reviewing posts so, I may not get allocated any post to review., But If I click again on "review" tab on main navigation bar, It keeps showing me same number of posts for pending review.

Is it only for me, that "There are no items for you to review.", Or others also facing same issue?

Please let me know, are there any limitations given for specific tagged questions review like, the person who is brilliant in some PHP tag and with -ve rank in Java tag Can not review question/answer tagged with Java?

Or is it a bug?


  • However I tried clearing cookies and re-logging to site.


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