As mentioned in the answer to What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow?, the first (now deleted) question is "Where, oh where, did the Joel Data go?"

I'm sure that Joel refers to Joel Spolsky, but what was "the Joel Data"?

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Joel Spolsky had several discussion forums on his site, one for .NET. The data from that forum is the Joel Data, and it was under consideration for seeding Stack Overflow in the beginning.

You can learn all about this and other SO history on the early podcasts (link to current last page, not guaranteed to remain accurate as time passes). In Stack Overflow podcast #11 the data drop is mentioned; they decided not to use it to avoid a hefty .NET bias.

The forum is closed now, but the archives are still available.

In a comment on a now-deleted post, Jared Dixon stated:

The "Joel Data" was an export of all the Joel On Software .NET discussions - we had originally imported it for our development "test" data, but decided to start fresh when we went into Stack Overflow's closed beta. In my giddiness, I asked a frivolous question - Jeff has never let me live it down :) I FEEL HIS WRATH EVEN NOW, IN THESE COMMENTS!

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