Now that Java 8 has been released with the java.time package, which is the recommended way of working with date and time in Java 8, should some cleanup be done on questions with the tag? JSR-310 was the specification request that eventually became java.time.

Reviewing through the questions, they seem to break down into the following categories:

  1. Questions tagged that are related to the ThreeTen-Backport.

  2. Questions tagged that are related to JSR310 as javax.time, before java.time was finalized.

  3. Questions tagged that are about java.time in Java 8.

  4. Questions tagged that are about java.time in Java 8.

  5. Questions tagged that are just about time issues in Java in general, and not related to java.time in Java 8.

There is currently no tag wiki for . One should probably be created, but first I'd like opinions on whether it's the appropriate tag for java.time questions or not. If so, then questions in category 5 above should probably be re-tagged.

Then, should become a synonym for ? Or should there be some re-tagging to move questions in category 2 and 3?

Should category 1 be left alone? Or perhaps re-tagged as ? Or since they may be valid questions for java.time also, should they just all be merged to ?

  • Is there a decision here? Can it be actioned? Aug 28, 2014 at 21:52
  • @JodaStephen Sorry, been falling behind on this. I'll start going through each post and making the changes as you and Jon suggested. I agree with you on using 'threeten-backport'. I'll update this thread with questions about any items that are not obvious how they should be categorized. Aug 28, 2014 at 22:00

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For category 1, I would say if they're explicitly related to the backport, then makes sense. Otherwise, makes sense.

For category 2, if they're javax.time related and the interface has changed for java.time, then arguably they should just be deleted as they'll potentially do more harm than good. If they're still valid, then ` is better.

For category 3, just retag (or possibly have a tag synonym).

Category 4 is already okay.

Category 5... tricky. I'd probably use two separate tags, and .


Category 1 - should be named (jsr-310-backport is incorrect, as it is explicitly not a jsr-310 implementation).

More broadly, the question is whether already has a meaning (questions about time in Java, aka category 5) or whether it can be taken to have the desired meaning (category 4). Category 2 and 3 are just historic versions of the true java.time API at this point, JSR-310 no longer really exists in my mind.

One way to get more specific is to create tags and but this gets complex real soon.

Overall, I think my choice is to define as everything to do with java.time in Java 8, and push out general questions about Java 7 and before. could be left for those questions that are historic (about the process of JSR-310 from 2007 to 2013) but that might get confusing. Perhaps there is a way to "lock" a tag to prevent new questions?

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