Supposing the question was already answered and accepted, this would be an obvious yes. Delete

Supposing this was the only answer, and the OP posted a thank you comment or otherwise marked it correct, I would certainly not want to delete it as it would not have a chance to be edited/improved. Skip or Looks OK? (I don't want to take the time to Edit, but obviously that is the preferred choice)

Supposing this was the only answer, and there were no clues to whether it was helpful, is it really appropriate to delete?

  • Presumably, when it's appropriate to flag it NaA, it's appropriate to go the whole way... Anyway, rest assured you won't be asked to delete an accepted answer unless you become a mod: Only they can do so. Commented Jul 18, 2014 at 18:49

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You're asking all the wrong questions. You only need the answer to one:

Does this answer, clearly and cleanly, attempt to answer the question?

  • Linking to something else isn't an answer, unless the question was "can I get a link to something?".

  • Conversely, linking to more information on a terse answer doesn't make that any less of an answer.

  • Unintelligible squawkings might have been intended to answer, but if no one can tell then they might as well not have been.

  • Requests for clarification, follow-up questions, "thanks!" / "I too have this problem, halp?"... are not attempts to answer.

...you get the idea.

See also: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

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