I have seen some users referring to deleted questions. So, a deleted question is still visible to some users.

Why is it so? Is it a bug or a privilege?


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It is a privilege. Users with at least 10k rep are allowed to view deleted questions (as long as they have a URL to the question).

From the privilege description page:

Viewing deleted posts

You now have privileged access to posts that have been removed, either by their authors, by users with access to moderator tools, by moderators, or by the system.

Use this privilege wisely:

  • Make sure what is being deleted should have been deleted, and bring unnecessary or harmful deletions to the attention of the community and/or moderator team.

  • Watch for signs of abuse being obscured by deletion.

  • Don't abuse this privilege to stir up trouble when someone has wisely decided to remove a problematic post.


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