I just created a tag and found only the following stats:


How do I find the tags created by me, at a later point in time?

I have created few tags before, how do I know when a tag created by me is burned, or merged with something else..?

Is there anything in the system currently which indicates that a tag is created by me?

Or in other words, how do I know my progress towards the Taxonomist badge? Do I have to remember tags created by me..?


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You can use data.SE - https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/87763/how-close-are-you-to-a-taxonomist-badge

Or a general search result

But I like what Jeff says

Some of the badges are supposed to be surprises, not World of Warcraft style level grinds based on numbers.

I worry that if we provide too many metrics:

  • it becomes noise, like a bunch of inscrutable F-16 cockpit gauges -- how are all these numbers useful except for these specific badges?
  • the badge becomes the explicit goal instead of the desired behavior
  • the badges are no longer a pleasant surprise and reward but an expected "level up"

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