When I click on the score of a post, it gives me a different view:


What is this view showing me? Or is this a bug?


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Congratulations! You recently reached the establish user privilige when your reputation crossed the 1,000 line:

established user privilege at 1,000

As part of the privilege you now have access the vote counts; clicking once on the score shows you how many up- and downvotes a post has received. The post in your screenshot has 2 downvotes, and 0 upvotes.

It lets you see exactly how the score on a question was formed:

14 score revealed as 17 up and 3 down

You also earned yourself a user card; mouse-over your image and see it pop out:

user card pop out

See the linked privilege page for all the details. You can see a full list of privileges, both earned and still in your future, at https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges.

You can find that link in your profile (right next to the edit link), or go to the help center.


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