There have been a number of questions I have edited (many of them first posts or first answers) and I find myself doing a lot of grammar or spelling edits. Frequently I add an edit for "clarification", meaning I arrange the sentence structure so that it reads more easily (to me at least)

an example: "im gettin message random error message 1234"

gets changed to:

I'm receiving the following error message

random error message 1234 

I think this helps the user gets their point across more clearly and will help them receive a helpful answer, however I also feel like I might be cheating the system to get the +2 reputation from editing. So my question is this:

At what point is it appropriate to rearrange (and to correct, in my opinion) a user's question in the manner I described above?

tl;dr: I feel like I'm cheating the system with unnecessary edits sometimes, when is it appropriate to edit a question?

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    If an edit does not change "i" to "I" (does not capitalize the first personal pronoun), I usually reject it as "too minor". Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 13:40

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It is appropriate to edit a question when you do in fact improve the question. If for example you do just correct 3 spelling errors, but another 10 remain I would reject the edit as "too minor".

If you do feel like you do not improve the post you have edited, then you should probably not do it.

Personally when I come across some syntax errors ("i" vs "I" or similar), I tend to fix the grammar. But all of it.

Somehow related to this, that aswell

This does provide a very good answer too.

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    Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 13:28

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