Apple released Xcode6-beta3 and there are lots question about it crashed. Are these kind of questions on-topic? We can't really fix Xcode bug for them. We may (but not always) able to suggest workaround.



Can't get dynamicType of a closure?

Using @lazy properties in functions causes build errors

Most the time the only thing we can do it saying "It looks like a bug. You need to file a bug report".


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On-topic? Sure - assuming the IDE qualifies as a "software tool commonly used by programmers" that is, and most do.

Of course, the question still needs to be clear and detailed enough to be answerable - but that's a separate issue. If it is possible for others to identify and reproduce the problem, then it's possible for them to answer and potentially (as you noted) suggest a work-around that'll accomplish the same ends without crashing.

Questions that fail to actually outline a specific enough task for others to suggest work-arounds are probably better suited, as George notes, for bug reports.

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