(100+ Questions) does not even have a single Follower :)

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    Is [master] any better? Should [master][slave] questions be retagged [master-slave] rather than just removing [slave]?
    – OGHaza
    Jul 8, 2014 at 10:33

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I have down voted your suggestion - for now.

Have you done a pass through the questions and done a tidy up, fixed the questions that are just mistagged because the OP had no clue? Have you really determined that the tag is incorrect and/or useless on XC8 pic16f876a I2C slave and Sending data from Slave to Master over SPI with ioctl() Linux or Setting up a slave with Solr 4.3.1? (Note that these are rhetorical samples from the list, there are also other problems with some of these aside from the tags).

Requesting a burnination involves more than just checking how many followers a tag has. You need to show that a tag can be removed, not just suggest it.

Of course once a clean up has been done then I will be all for it.

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