I was recently given this review audit for Convariance with C# Generics.

The question asked for two things:

  1. Why the as conversion didn't work
  2. And how to achieve the desired effect

As someone who frequents the C# tag, I knew the reason & solution the question was asking for. Therefore, I decided that I would comment with the answer to #1 and do a quick search for an SO question to #2. The comment I had in mind would've looked something like this:

nonTyped returns null because as returns null for an invalid cast. As for how to achieve what you want, take a look at [some SO question].

The question, however, turned out to be an audit, and I had failed it for attempting to add a comment. Am I wrong in trying to add a comment that would be helpful to the question asker? Why is a comment viewed as an action made for bad posts? Is this really correct behavior? And am I not supposed to provide helpful comments at all during reviews?

Failed audit

Furthermore, to my astonishment, I was given a ban from reviewing, even though this is, if I recall correctly, only my second failed audit, out of 500+ reviews completed (now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I failed the first one for trying to comment, too). Why? Doesn't the system allow for small margins of error on both ends (user & system)?

Review ban