I try to filter interesting recent questions with the following URL.

This results in the following search box contents:

  votes:0+  is:question intags:mine

Why do I also get questions with a negative total of votes?

Putting it the other way round:
How can I exclude questions with a negative vote score?

I have tried "score:0+" without success.

  • So here's the thing I have not figured out yet. votes:1 is >=1, votes:.1 is <=1, votes:.0 is <=0, but votes:0 is only =0.
    – gunr2171
    Jul 7, 2014 at 17:36

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Inspired by gunr2171's approach, the proper solution seems to be

votes:0.. is:question intags:mine
  • 1
    Yep, they need to update the help article with this information.
    – gunr2171
    Jul 10, 2014 at 15:53

It seems that something:0 will always be =0, and I can't find a way to change that.

As a workaround, you can use a large range value

votes:0-999 is:question intags:mine

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