I'd like to create a tag to differentiate OpenSSL programming questions from OpenSSL command questions. As it stands, they all get lumped into .

The distinction is important for Stack Overflow. Programming questions with the are almost always on-topic at Stack Overflow. are sometimes off-topic, and the additional tag will help classify and perhaps migrate an off-topic question.

As an example, here are two recent questions that don't appear to be programming related, but they are asked under the OpenSSL tag, because they are OpenSSL commands: How can I see what attributes are signed inside a PKCS 7 file? and How can I extract only the signed data from a PKCS 7 file?.

Does the community have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Not considering the merits of such a tag, I don’t think users would apply it, at least in the initial revision. That makes it near useless for “help[ing to] classify and […] migrate an off-topic question”. If the audience for questions significantly differed from questions, it might still be useful, but I imagine people with experience in one might also have interest in the other.

  • "... I don’t think users would apply it, at least in the initial revision" - the tag auto-complete should list it, which will aide in its use. For those who still don't use it, folks like me who monitor openssl will classify it.
    – jww
    Jul 5, 2014 at 0:03
  • @jww: To play devil’s advocate, the autocomplete often doesn’t seem to help; and yes, other people will tag it, sure, but then, as I stated in my answer, it’s still not very useful if you’re trying to use it to detect potential off-topic questions. The only use of it then would be as a way to coördinate close votes—something that, until now, has been done through mechanisms such as chat, rather than tagging.
    – icktoofay
    Jul 5, 2014 at 3:33

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