I noticed something unexpected that I think may be a bug.

If a question's author views the question (which is quite common of course), SO does not increment the question's views in my experience. This is what I would expect.

However, if a question's author views the question's edit history (which is also quite common), SO does increment the question's views. This is not what I would expect.

From what I observed and confirmed through experimentation, this seems like a reliable way for authors to game their questions' views - not a good thing.

Is this expected behavior, or am I correct that this is odd and likely a bug?

  • My experience is that I have 2 questions that are attracting no feedback or anything, but every time I refresh the page to see if anything has happened - the view count goes up by 1. This has happened on a 2 month old question, that nobody has left any feedback on. Except I have revisited it today and refreshed 4 times, and now it has gone from 37 to 41. here
    – simo.3792
    Oct 1, 2014 at 7:27


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