I was going through the Low-Quality Review queue, and came across this instance:


I went ahead and chose the "Looks Good" response, because it did not match any of the pre-populated comments for deletion, and because it was an attempt at an answer. It is simply wrong and unhelpful, so I then proceeded to vote and comment as such.

However, trying to read up on whether I took the correct action, I came across this Meta post in which Servy says in answer:

If a post entered the queue due to a Not an Answer flag, but it is in fact an answer, just a sufficiently low quality one to merit deletion, then the improper flag shouldn't stop you from handling the post appropriately

This would indicate that I should have clicked "Recommend Deletion." Which would be the correct action? Should I have instead done "Recommend Deletion" with no comment, then added my own comment as I did?

Edit: The answer has been improved, thankfully, but this question still stands per the case of the original answer, and any other such cases.


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While the original revision was a really bad answer, I wouldn't say that it was an answer that merited deletion (certainly not by any of the criteria in the LQP queue, as you mentioned). A downvote and optional comment is indeed the proper action for this post.

  • Thanks for the affirmation! My driving decision at the time was that, as a legitimate attempt at an answer, I figured it should remain alive, but be prompted for improvement. Voting can be reversed if it becomes a good answer, whereas if the user feels they cannot answer it, they can always delete it themselves. Deleting outright seemed to deny that chance entirely. Commented Jul 3, 2014 at 14:36

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