Occasionally I'll add touches of humor to my question, like this. If you didn't catch it, I added doge and cheese to the list of imports. This is what I consider "touches of humor". Some people could have a little laugh at it, others might frown upon it. My simple question is, should we allow this? Is it okay in general, or is it generally frowned upon?


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Regarding the question of yours that you linked to. That is totally acceptable. It can be kind of boring to read foo and bar and foobar all the time, and your doge and cheese doesn't negatively effect the question's understanding or anything.

On a more general note:
You can include anything in your post that you want, but be aware, that extra fluff (pointless remarks) , salutations, etc, could possibly cause you to receive a downvote or two from users. And the chances are pretty good that someone will come along and edit your post removing the unnecessary things, and/or making things more readable.

As long as the humor doesn't make the question/answer difficult to understand or add much more to read, I don't mind.

Some of the highest upvoted posts are full of humor and story telling.

Probably the best example of efficient story telling, with some subtle humor is this answer by Jacob Swartwood - https://stackoverflow.com/a/6472397/3041194. See how the story telling and subtle humor does not take away from meaning or make things complicated, but actually makes the answer easier to understand.

Kind of unrelated, but if you want to laugh, read the answers to this question - What code would you have on your wedding cake?. But don't go asking a question like that in this day in age, or you'd likely receive 40 downvotes and a closed question, which in turn could lead to a question ban.

Also, there are many different cultures of people that use SO. So what one culture finds funny, other cultures may not get the joke, or possibly even find the joke offensive.

  • So, as always, cautious editing judgement, and cultural sensitivity. Maybe also providing links to reference texts, like knowyourmeme?
    – pcurry
    Jul 30, 2014 at 0:07

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