Which questions are on topic. I posted a question*, and it was immediately destroyed. I was given a reason for why it wasn't on topic, but which ones are?

*Although to tell the truth, my Emacs vs Vi question did have a 27% chance of enrapturing the stack overflow community and causing small riots in related exchanges.


"Fun" does not mean you can just come post any question that you think is fun. They still have to be on-topic for Meta, meaning they have to be about Stack Overflow in some way. Your question had absolutely nothing to do with Stack Overflow - it was just an opinion poll about which editor people liked.

Past that, a question which is solely fun is usually going to get closed down. The question still needs to have a definitive purpose, meaning that there is a problem that needs to be solved. The tag itself is generally applied to indicate that there is a humorous or joking tone to the problem being described in the question, and could easily be described as a meta-tag since it doesn't really cover any formal topic.

I've copied over the excerpt from Meta Stack Exchange to give the tag a little description:

Questions that are light-hearted but hopefully of some additional use beyond mere entertainment.

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