I recently flagged this answer as Not an Answer. When I viewed the answer in question it had just been posted (some 45 secs previously I think). All I saw in the answer was the first line:

FYI, the response JSON is an Object, not an Array.

Accordingly I flagged for not being an answer to the question. Some hours later when I checked, the text in the answer had increased although no edits had been made to the post, and accordingly my flag was correctly disputed.

My question is why did I only see the first line of the answer?

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There is a 5 minute grace period where edits are not recorded in the post revisions.

If within 5 minutes of posting an answer the OP edits it, those edits get rolled into the original revision.

Unfortunately some people abuse the grace period to get the first answer in.

  • It would be nice if you could add the status-bydesign tag after answering the question, I was for a moment like WTF?. Related to the abusal, some people think it is the only way to get the rep they deserve: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/9731/…
    – PlasmaHH
    Jun 27, 2014 at 15:10

It is likely that you saw it less than 5 minutes after the post was submitted. Then, they added more.

If their addition was within 5 minutes of answering, the edit does not show up in the edit history. This is called a "grace period."

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