I recently encountered

this question

which essentially boils down to:

  1. OP wants behaviour X
  2. OP provides example code Y to illustrate X
  3. Question: Can X be achieved? if so:
  4. Question: How?

I was cautious when approaching this for a two reasons:

  • It seemed like a "Give me the codez" question
  • A brief scan of example Y made me think "why wouldn't that work?"

So I opened up my IDE, copied in the code (also provided data consistent with the OPs request, an array containing 3 arrays). Lo' and behold, it works without any modifications or debugging.

What should I do with this? As you can see I posted a comment, asking the OP if they'd tried their own code, should I do anything else or wait for a reply?


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The original question has been deleted by the OP. Based on your description, I think the comment you left was good, and it would be appropriate to flag for close as Off-topic -> cannot be reproduced.

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