I saw there is a Portuguese version of Stack Overflow.

  • Why is there a Portuguese version of Stack Overflow? Since we have two versions (English and Portuguese), programming questions are decentralized. (For example, this question has been asked twice.)
  • Is there any relation between these two sites? (I can imagine shared reputation for example.)
  • Do they handle questions with a duplicate on Stack Overflow?

(PS: I do not know whether this question belong to meta.stackoverflow.)


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Well, there is a Portuguese version of SO...because some people speak Portuguese.

The main Stack Overflow is in English, though we do sometimes get code in a different language, which is usually not a problem because the basic principles are the same.

There is even an official policy that requires posts to be in English.

One of the largest problems with low-quality answers is simply the language barrier: people who don't speak English have to use a translator for their post and then translate the answers and comments when they come in. Obviously, this isn't conducive to well thought-out and formatted posts because the language has to be kept as simple as possible and the grammar can sometimes get iffy with online translators.

Going through a translator often muddies the water even further because it creates an understanding issue between posters.

How do we solve this?

With a site for people who speak other languages, of course.

Stack Overflow in Portuguese is currently the only official foreign language Stack Overflow, but there are a few (more than a few) proposals in Area 51 following its lead (see Korean, Spanish, German, Persian, Arabic, Polish, Turkish (close to public beta), and Russian (close to public beta)).

Having separate language sites reduces friction between posters and allows people to speak with people of their own language to solve problems more efficiently (barring some issues).

Reputation is not shared between them because they are different sites, and "duplicates" are not duplicates because the question, its answer(s), and the attached discussion are in a different language.

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