I set a bounty of 100 to one of my questions on Stack Overflow. As getting a good answer is very important to me, and I have very few points available on my Stack Overflow account, I was wondering if it is possible to enhance the bounty using reputation from my Ask Ubuntu account where I have more points.

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    You already got 100 reputation points on your stack overflow account thanks to having high reputation elsewhere. That's enough to give you a head start. Spend 30 minutes answering questions on stack overflow and you'll have plenty of rep for your bounty. Jun 20, 2014 at 12:36

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No, you cannot currently do this. Reputation cannot be transferred from one site to another, even for the purposes of bountying a question.

A cross-site bounty feature has previously been proposed—many times, actually—but it was declined by the Stack Exchange team.

Probably the best explanation of why this would be problematic is given by Martijn Pieters on this duplicate feature request:

No, each site is essentially isolated from the other sites, as far as reputation is concerned. You cannot transfer bounties from reputation earned elsewhere.

The only exception is the association bonus which is given to you because you've learned the basics of the Stack Exchange model.

If you could transfer reputation, then anyone with an account on a busy site such as Stack Overflow could monopolize attention on a smaller site. I could use my 200k on Stack Overflow to buy a lot of eyeballs over on, say, Pets.stackexchange.com. That would not be fair to the other regular Pets supporters without a big fat SO account to draw from.

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    Very good quote. Must admit I didn't think about it before reading. Must be my naive side of not thinking how to abuse these systems.
    – Léo Natan
    Jun 20, 2014 at 11:23

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