This suggested edit has the comment "removed a commented out line. If copied into own project it was confusing!". The user has removed a single line of code which was commented out.

I am not sure what I should do with this type of edit?

For clarity:

  • I am aware of the the language in which the answer was provided.
  • I understand of that line of code too.
  • If the code stays there, and some user copies it directly, then also it'll remain commented in their IDE.
  • A user with basic knowledge of that language wouldn't get confused by that line.

What should I do here? enter image description here.

While I was asking this question, the edit was approved.

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I think it tides up the answer somewhat, so I probably wouldn't reject it. There's no harm in making things better, by however little. If there's a large amount of commented out code (not applicable here) then I will normally remove it, unless it has an obvious purpose - it can make reading the post quite difficult.

I probably wouldn't have bothered making the edit in the first place though - especially since the answer doesn't explain why it exists. If I knew enough to use it in my project I like to think I would add an explanation for others; or write my own answer that explained everything thoroughly.

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