What is the effective difference between Skip and Leave open? Leaving the question open does not seem to remove the close votes, so how does it actually work?

  • I can't remember precisely but enough leave opens remove it from the review queue
    – OGHaza
    Jun 10, 2014 at 9:36

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"Skip" is a no-vote, or you abstaining from voting. Your "Skip" has no effect on the question being closed, or left open.

"Leave Open" is you voting against the question being closed. If enough (3) people vote for "Leave Open", the post is removed from the Close Vote queue, and the aging process starts immediately. For more information, see What exactly happens with the button “Leave Open” (previously “Do Not Close”)?

Skip if you're not sure whether the post should be closed or not. Leave Open if you're sure the post shouldn't be closed.

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