I'm a scientist and I've downloaded the dumps of Stack Overflow from https://archive.org/details/stackexchange. The file stackoverflow.com-Posts.7z contains the current view counts and scores of posts. Is it possible to download -- or can the Admins export from the DB -- the time stamps of all views and the time stamps of the score changes? A few colleagues and I are interested in how this system evolves, and we'd like to compare it to other systems.

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Through the Data Explorer, I think the votes data is already available. There is a Votes table which has if it was an upvote (VoteTypeId = 2) or a downvote (VoteTypeId = 3). Then the CreationDate column is when that vote was applied. In theory, that data should be available via the data dump on archive.org.

As for views, there's some discussion over on MSE about how view counts are generated and stored. It seems to be accepted that the time/date/who information of views is not stored, or easily accessible and only the integer of views is stored long term.


For an academic/scientific collaboration, I am pretty sure you can Contact the site admins directly, they will feel less "scrutinized" while agreeing the form and nature of the data they can/will share with your workgroup.


Good luck :)

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