A certain user is making a large number of tag wiki edits, many of which are harmful or otherwise improper:

These are just ones that were approved by reviewers. There were many more rejected by reviewers.

Can we do something about this?

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    I kind of wish that tag wikis had a rollback feature. I've edited out the C++ tag excerpt; that shouldn't have made it past the review queue with those guys not having a strong showing in C++.
    – Makoto
    Jun 4 '14 at 5:43
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    Oh, he is earning reputation by suggesting edits to tag wikis. Related: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/250613/…
    – devnull
    Jun 4 '14 at 10:08
  • See what sort of edits were done by the user in the referenced question. He stopped when he stopped getting the rep by suggesting edits having hit the limit. I wish that the mods could step in earlier.
    – devnull
    Jun 4 '14 at 10:10
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    Mods can step in. So can community members. At least to some extent. Leave the guy a comment, point out his mistakes, and ask him to stop. Unless he's a real incorrigible bastard, he'll probably listen; we've had success with that before. The real problem here are the reviewers...
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Jun 4 '14 at 10:15
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    Member for 6 months and has 20k rep? Jesus...
    – Albzi
    Jun 4 '14 at 10:31
  • @CodyGray Yes, the real problem are reviewers. But the problem exists elsewhere too -- that such reviewers continue to do so. People want to propose edits for rep, but there are badges for reviewing too and there are many out there who want to earn those real fast.
    – devnull
    Jun 4 '14 at 12:27
  • How is that "elsewhere", @devnull? That's exactly the same place: reviewers approving bad edits. The pursuit of badges isn't a sufficient explanation for the phenomenon; you get badges for rejecting edits, too.
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Jun 4 '14 at 12:41
  • @CodyGray (1) By "elsewhere", I mean that such users ought to be given a break from reviewing. Look at the question I linked above. The user in question was on a massive wiki editing spree and made terrible suggestions that were approved. Even after the meta post, the user wasn't given a break from editing. The user gave up after hitting the rep limit by suggesting edits. (2) Robos usually approve, not reject.
    – devnull
    Jun 4 '14 at 12:48
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    With another 107 reputation, that user won't require that these edits be approved any more - that's just scary (although he might stop given that he won't be getting reputation any more), and we should probably check for rubbish edited into posts by this user as well. Jun 4 '14 at 12:50
  • He just did the same thing to the C tag wiki excerpt that he did to C++. C is not a subset of C++; they are different languages (as the excerpt had said).
    – nobody
    Jun 4 '14 at 15:38
  • I sent him a message. Note that you can easily fix the plagiarism problems by adding a link to the source. Jun 4 '14 at 15:43
  • @RobertHarvey None of the source pages indicate a permissive license for their content, so this may be copyright infringement that can't be fixed with a citation.
    – nobody
    Jun 4 '14 at 16:56
  • @AndrewMedico: We're giving all of those pages free promotion. Do you really think they're going to care about that little bit of text? See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use Jun 4 '14 at 17:20
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    @RobertHarvey StackExchange Inc. does profit from the use of the copied text (serving ads), so that may diminish the fair use argument.
    – nobody
    Jun 4 '14 at 17:33