This morning, I received the Taxonomist badge for the tag on Meta.

I do not recall creating this tag; looking at it's history on both Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange, I don't seem to have had a hand in it's creation at all.

On Meta Stack Exchange, it is created on Nov 30, 2012.

On Meta Stack Overflow, it was created on April 18, 2014. My questions using this tag on Meta Stack Overflow were all migrated to Meta Stack Exchange.

My earliest use of the tag is July 24, 2013 - well after it was created on Meta Stack Overflow, and well before Meta Stack Exchange was created.

I figured that maybe I created a different tag that was made a tag synonym. But I don't see any synonyms in the tag wiki. My best guess is that maybe I created a tag that was merged into the "review-audits"? I can't find any merge requests though. A search for "[retag-request] review-audits" yields no result either on Meta Stack Overflow or on Meta Stack Exchange.

So, it seems to me I got this badge in error. If that is the case, I would like the SE team to take it back. I don't need credit for something I haven't done.


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You created the tag on April 17th by editing a post:

Fixed grammar. Broke up long sentence, to make it easier to parse. Added tags.

Shog added a tag wiki the next day when he migrated posts over from Meta.SE. You confused the tag wiki edit with the tag creation date; tag wikis are created separately from the tag.

  • That explains it. I'm aware that the tag wiki is not the same as the tag; but you can't have a tag wiki before there is a tag. So the tag still pre-dated my first question. I should have remembered to check my edit history as well. Commented Jun 3, 2014 at 8:03

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