Whenever stackoverflow is in doubt, and can't tell if you are a real user or a bot, you get sent to https://stackoverflow.com/captcha.

The rules should of course apply to all entities that SO finds suspicious, but perhaps not through the same method (more specifically; the same page).


While browsing SO from my BlackBerry, I wanted to answer a question. For some reason SO thought I was a bot, which I take as a compliment; sadly there's no way for me to get back to "human", since the CAPTCHA form doesn't show up correctly.

Broken captcha
(source: bayimg.com)

Where's that CAPTCHA?


A more mobile-friendly CAPTCHA for "human verification", so that all mobile users can prove their innocence.

Note: This post was written using my BlackBerry, hopefully meta doesn't flag me as a bot, but as you are reading this I guess it haven't.


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