I just reviewed this suggested edit. I thought it was valid, and although I was tempted to deem it "too minor", I ended up approving it.

I like to only mark edits as "too minor" if the user who suggested the edit could easily have found other things in the post to improve. Is this a good practice? In this case, I didn't see anything else the user could have improved, so I approved the edit.

Three of the reviewers who reviewed this edit marked it as "too minor", and got the edit rejected.

Afterwords, when I discovered that this edit had been rejected, I went to the post and made the edit anyways.

Did I make the right decision?

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A one-tag edit may be essential. For example, no programming language tagged, or worse, the wrong language. In such cases, I would accept the suggestion.

Removing a tag like is a very minor edit. Removing the tag is completely in order. Putting it in the review queue is not.

I would have rejected that edit suggestion as well, for being too minor.

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