There must be an answer about that question, but after googling for a while, couldn't find it.

(question to be deleted if indeed it's a duplicate).

Didn't come around for a while.

Very glad the new system is in place (before: there was a separate rep for meta, now: while Q&A have their own rating, user's rep comes from SO), that reflects better the SO dedication of people answering. Was it the reason? When that happened?


There is no "new meta rep policy" in place.

This is a side effect of splitting meta.stackoverflow into a meta site for Stack Overflow and a network meta site - meta.stackexchange, for things the effect the entire Stack Exchange network.

As part of the change, meta.stackoverflow became a normal meta site, like the meta sites for each and every Stack Exchange site, inheriting reputation from its parent site (Stack Overflow in this case) and where upvotes/downvotes don't effect reputation on the parent site.

The Stack Exchange meta site doesn't have a parent Q&A site and is a full Q&A site with its own reputation (pretty much the way meta.stackoverflow was before it was split out).

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    Thank you for the clear answer. While the link provided above certainly provides many details about what happened to meta/SO, people not involved in that discussion (me at least..) felt the change abruptly. Your answer fits perfectly my question - that, IMO, is not a duplicate of the link above, where the intent and content are different.
    – Déjà vu
    May 23 '14 at 9:03

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