In response to this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23819565/combine-2d-array-of-x-and-y-coordinate-and-corresponding-values?noredirect=1#comment36645764_23819565

The asker comes in with no code, unformatted and no real data structure, admits in the comments that they haven't really tried anything and still get 3 answers - which get upvotes.

At the moment downvotes cost 1 rep to partially prevent you downvoting other answers to boost your own.

However, we are now getting so many shitty questions that get equally shitty answers.

Answering bad questions encourages people to write bad questions.

We can't stop 1 rep user849032 newbies from showing up asking a poor question and disappearing once given a response, but we can discourage people from answering those low effort questions. Answerers are more likely to care about rep.

As this question states - "Answers (even correct ones) are not useful if they contribute to the demise of the site."

Can we make it so that downvotes for answers cost 0 rep, unless you have also answered it? The StackOverflow platform seems to have some smarts behind it, so surely it could tell when you downvote, then answer.

I'd love to downvote more bad answers, but I admittedly like my rep.


Qantas 94 Heavy linked to these questions:

Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not?

Downvotes are an integral part of the automated system that evaluates question quality and blocks user accounts that can't formulate coherent questions.

People weren't downvoting questions because it was costing them reputation...

Answers are different. When I'm posting an answer to a question, I am competing with other answerers for the precious repz, so there should be a cost for me to downvote their answers.

I understand why it was the case that answering is different, but now there are many, many more answerers, and the code should be able to deal with me downvoting an answer to a question I haven't answered.

In summary:

  • Proposal: remove -1 cost of downvotes
  • which: lowers psychological cost of downvoting
  • which: increases downvotes
  • which: increases penalty for answering poor questions
  • which: reduces likelihood of people answering poor questions
  • which: reduces answer rate for poor questions
  • which: reduces likelihood of poor questions being rewarded with an answer
  • which: reduces number of poor questions being asked

Therefore: Removing the -1 cost of downvotes is likely to reduce the number of poor questions being asked, which will improve the quality of the site overall.

Keep in mind that there is a precedent for removing rep costs to change behaviour, as once upon a time downvotes on questions cost rep too.