The question I'm referring to is https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23784436/how-to-open-a-java-file.

The question was created 11 minutes ago:


and the user was last seen 26 minutes ago.


Is this good ol' caching or is it a bug?


As explained in the comments and in Timestamp on question is later than Profile's Seen, must be some time traveller or ninja, the "last seen" time is not a real-time value so these apparent discrepancies can occur.

  • Last seen time while checking profile always shows wrong. Right now I am online but it says 4 mins ago for me. – Aniket Shivam Tiwari Oct 25 '17 at 12:48

I guess that some first questions have to travel through a queue before they get released to the community.

In case this is true

I find this divergence annoying because the new user has already given up waiting when the first counter questions are asked about a (mostly) pretty low-quality question. This kind of teaching to ask good questions seems not to very efficient.

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