I have a whole bunch of tags that I have set as favorite. I would like to see a way to list new questions that are asked within these tags. Currently the only way of doing this is to click on each tag. This has kind of annoyed me for a while.

Right now we have question tabs:

  • newest
  • featured
  • frequent
  • votes
  • active
  • unanswered

Why not add a favorite?

(I'm not sure if this should be on Meta Stack Exchange or Meta Stack Overflow. My last question got moved here, see if this one gets moved there :))

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Put your favourite tags in the searchbox like this

[tag1] or [tag2] or [tag3] 

to see only questions with these tags*. Then you can sort them by newest or whatever you like.

* If you bookmark this page you will always have access to it.


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