"Pandas" is a data framework built onto "python". I asked a question that was very specific to a tiny part of pandas (panel analysis). It was very pandas specific, since it was about the logic on how sometimes data that I pull from the database is a read-only, but sometimes also permits a write operation (not completely the truth, simplified it).

So then, since this is of no relevance to anyone who has python knowledge but non in pandas, I intentionally only tagged it with pandas, not with python. However, an edit was approved where that tag was added.

I disagree, since it would imply to add any supertag that contains a subtag. While shouldn't also "programming", "OOP" etc. be added then, following the same logic?

The question in question.


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Your slippery slope argument isn't very convincing. (which has been burninated for this very reason...) and tags are just useless for their broadness; a tag for the programming language typically isn't. Even in your case, keeping the tag could let people who choose to ignore Python not see your question instead of forcing them to also explicitly ignore a tag for every Python module under the sun.

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